Let us help you relocate to Taiwan.

While the majority of our clients focus on having us secure them real estate for relocation, our consultation often extends into translation, negotiation, and a variety of assistance-based services from sorting out transportation to simply telling you where to go grocery shopping.

We provide relocation consultation.

Relocation consultation is different than hiring a real estate agent or negotiating with a car dealer.

Sentient Solutions is an American consulting firm, not real estate agents or brokers or middle-men.

We make no commissions and our only priority is to best serve our clients in securing the best possible options available to ensure a successful and hassle-free relocation.

The process is simple.

We recommend locating three properties that fit the parameters you discuss with us: since it’s Taiwan, we specialize in apartments and condominiums.

Since few clients are in Taiwan, we do our best to know everything we can about our clients’ needs and desires to find them great properties.

Properties are selected, filmed, and uploaded to our YouTube channel for your immediate viewing.

Once you choose the best property for you, Sentient Solutions can serve as a proxy to sign a statement of intent and apply your deposit to secure the apartment/condo until your move-in date.

Five Easy Steps

Tell us, in as much detail as possible, what you are looking for.
When you accept our quote, a retainer for our services can be paid in a variety of ways.
From anywhere in the world, you will know what your future home will look like.
Your deposit is applied to your chosen property, securing it for your arrival.
Simply come to Taiwan and move into your new home the day you arrive.
You Can Look at Apartments Right Now
Our YouTube playlist is always growing, giving you plenty of ideas about types of available properties in Taiwan.

Know what to expect.

Locating, contacting, viewing, and filming a single property generally takes us between two-to-five hours, depending on the client’s criteria; other services are billed with the same hourly standard applied.

Whatever services you require, Sentient Solutions will help you achieve your goals.

Nothing is more valuable than information.

Your greatest advantage will come from having the best information available about what it’s like to live in Taiwan.

Whether you decide to use our services or not, please take a look at this detailed explanation of the real estate situation in Taichung, Taiwan, to better familiarize yourself with the market:



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